AP Honda launches new Scoopy i Kumamon Special Edition

- Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Scoopy i in Thailand, Distinctive with the Kumamon design, production is limited to only 5,000 units.

BANGKOK Thailand - AP Honda launches the New Honda Scoopy i Kumamon Special Edition, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Scoopy i sales in Thailand. Delivering fun in the style of "Kumamon", the most adorable bear, from Kumamoto, Japan. The scooter features a distinctive black tone with red accents with a portray of the cute character of a black bear with red cheeks. Extraordinary with circular embellishment, exquisite design, authentic copyright production is limited to just 5,000 units which will go on sale simultaneously throughout the country, with a suggested price of THBaht 54,200,- from 16 December  onwards at all Honda Wing Centers.

Special! For 30 lucky customers who buy from today until 31 March 2020, to win a big trip, to visit Kumamon in Kumamoto, in Japan.

Shigeto Kimura, President of AP Honda Co., Ltd., said, "The AT motorcycle market in Thailand has always changed. We therefore never stop developing products to meet the needs of consumers that change according to the trend and in the past, Honda was able to meet these needs very well. This is reflected in the success of the Honda Scoopy i, which was first launched in 2009, before being quickly popular until the latest. In 2019, the Honda Scoopy i accumulated more than 2.2 million units, occupying the number one fashion AT hits truly occupying the hearts of Thai people."

"On the 10th anniversary of the Honda Scoopy i in Thailand, we have the idea to deliver specialness to Thai people through the making of a special edition model, starting with the delivery of the Honda Scoopy i LINE FRIENDS to the market last july and received good response. We thank the customers all over the country who like them and this time, we would like to present a fun new chapter that comes with an interesting story, the New Honda Scoopy i Kumamon Special Edition that has been specially designed by incorporating the distinctive elements of Kumamon bears together. The classic Scoopy i style perfectly for teenagers and Kumamon lovers in Thailand."

"The origin of the New Honda Scoopy i Kumamon Special Edition comes from the resemblance to the origin of both the Scoopy i and Kumamon, all of which originated in the same city. The Scoopy Series was first produced and sold in 2001 at Kumamoto, Japan, under the name CREA Scoopy, before Honda introduced this model to the Thai market in 2009 under the name Scoopy i, while Kumamon was born in 2010 as Kumamoto city mascot. To promote tourism in Kumamoto, with an official position as the Director of Happiness in Kumamoto Prefecture, the character that is cute, mischievous and always happy makes Kumamon famous throughout Japan and around the world."

New Honda Scoopy i Kumamon Special Edition inherits the harsh character of the bear. "Kumamon" is characterised by a black tone, adding features with red stripes around the scooter. Same as the skin colour of the black bear's red cheeks including the outside mirror. The speedometer cover, foot pads, as well as heat shield around the exhaust pipe. Front mudguard and side body, displaying new graphic designs and significant enhancements with the embrace of Kumamon bears the authentic copyright from Japan at the front of the scooter clearly indicate the exclusivity.

New Honda Scoopy i Kumamon Special Edition is a fun ride with Honda Smart Technology consisting of a 110cc 4-stroke engine, intelligent PGM-FI injectors, good performance, fast response and fuel efficiency up to 62.5 km/L with automatic engine stop, Idling Stop System and Combi Brake system to distribute front-rear brake force, the answer to the lifestyle of the new generation with the AC charging socket for smart phones, with 15.4 litres capacity U BOX storage box.

Komar JOHAR - komarjohari@gmail.com

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